Much has been published with reference to the identity of many different Ferrari models. Some span several volumes and deal with each chassis number separately. Clearly, detail like this is outside the scope of any small volume and the value of many of those important cars warrants detailed research.

Excerpt from ‘Sports Car Pocket Guide’ by Michael Duffy

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1994 Ferrari 348 Spider


1994 Ferarri 348 Spider

Classic Spotlight- Jaguar E-Type

While the earlier XK’s were fitted with separate chassis, the new Jaguar E-Type was a sheet steel monocoque in the mold of the D Type race model. The E types were  initially available in only two configurations: coupe and roadster, both two seaters. Over  time this model would evolve; the 3.8 engine was replaced with a 4.2 liter unit in 1964 and at the same time the  gearbox was updated to a full syncromesh unit.  Covered headlamps and triple carbs were missing from the 1968 Series Two model; now with open headlamps and twin Strombergs.  18

1967 Jaguar E Type Roadster

Classic Spotlight- Mercedes Benz Pagoda


The new, Pagoda Roof  SL’s began with the 230SL. All of the later six cylinder SL’s, the 230, 250 and 280 are very similar in appearance. Under the skin, there were a few differences. The 230SL  like all of the Pagoda Roof cars, was fitted with a fuel injected 6 cylinder engine. These early engines carried a four main bearing crankshaft  and were fitted with disc brakes on the front only. Later on the 250 and 280 models, four wheel discs were standard as was a new, smoother running, seven main bearing engine.  These later cars are commonly found fully equipped with automatic transmissions, power steering and air conditioning.

American Classic Cars

american classic cars

Cars are a staple in American culture, from the time of the Model T to the newest Fords or Chevys. Americans have an infatuation for Classic Cars, and owning an American Classic Car can take you back in time when cars where more then just a way to get around, they represented you and your personality.

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Vintage Cars

Classic Mercedes For Sale

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Mercedes Benz have been around for over 80 years and are one of the big three German automakers. Heritage Classics has a great selection of Classic Mercedes for sale, in our LA showroom.

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Classic Cars Online

American Classic Cars For Sale

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Heritage Classics – Vintage Cars

Vintage Cars

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Classic Mercedes For Sale

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American Classic Cars