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Classic Spotlight- Chevrolet Corvette

The 1953 and 1954 Covettes featured a six cylinder engine and GM’s Powerglide,
two-speed automatic; the first big change for the Vette  arrived in 1955 with the optional 265CID, V-8 engine. The  235CID Six  was dropped in 1956 as were the wire mesh
headlamp covers. The V-8 was offered with HP options as high as 240 but the
transmission choices remained the Powerglide or the three-speed manual. Things
started to get interesting in 1957 with engines (now a 283CID) offered with
optional fuel injection with ratings  as high as 283HP. A four-speed transmission was finally offered as an option late that year. For 1958 the three speed was dropped and the Fuelie could be ordered with ratings as high as 290HP. Engine
specs remained basically unchanged for 1959, the bodywork was updated at the front with distinctive twin headlights (which would stay with the car through 1962).Excerpt copied with permission from ‘Sports Car Pocket Guide’ by Michael Duffy. For more info or to purchase, go to…..

Classic Cars For Sale

classic cars for sale

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Classic Car Spotlight- Porsche 356

Porsche 356

Ferdinand Porsche’s early efforts relied heavily on the parts bins  at VW for engine cases,  gearboxes and  steering. As time went on, more and more of those parts would become unique to the Porsche.  Early, VW based 1100cc engines would give way to Porsche’s own engines (and the two piece  Split Windshield would be replaced by a Bent Screen) in 1952.  At Max Hoffman’s prodding, the Speedster appeared in 1954. These early 356’s are generally called, pre-A’s:  early cars with 16”wheels, minimal bumpers and sometimes fitted with roller bearing crankshafts (though these cranks were available  on early A models as well).  This changed in 1955-56 with the 356A. The V windshield was replaced by the curved screen, 15” wheels replaced the 16” version and over the life of the A, the VW steering  box would be replaced with a ZF unit, wheel bearings and transmissions were  updated and in 1957, the bee hive tail lamps would be replaced with the teardrop type  that would appear on all 356’s until the end of production. Excerpt copied with permission from  ‘Sports Car Pocket Guide’ by Michael Duffy. For more info or to purchase, go to…..

Classic Car Spotlight- Jaguar

XK Jaguars were offered in Fixed Head coupe, Drop Head convertible/cabriolet and roadster  versions. The Fixed Heads FHC and Dropheads DHC  models featured wood facias/dashboards and broadcloth headliners in addition  to the  leather seating and Wilton wool  carpeting that we now associate with these quintessential British sports cars. Excerpt copied with permission from  ‘Sports Car Pocket Guide’ by Michael Duffy. For more info or to purchase, go to…..